Did you know that the type of physical training a driver needs should reflect the type of racing they compete in? 

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Racing drivers can burn between 1100-1500kcal per hour during a stint due to the physical demands of motorsport, their adrenaline response and cockpit temperatures.

In response, we’ve designed a driver-specific nutrition programme that works on different levels for day-to-day living and race days, before, during and after the race itself.

Our starting point is to analyse the driver’s current eating habits and provide a daily breakdown of the major nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. This allows us to generate a report that highlights any deficits or areas for improvement. From this we can make recommendations on how to tailor a driver’s food plan.

For optimal race-specific nutrition we liaise with the team’s caterers and can advise on appropriate food choices to maintain high energy levels throughout a race weekend.